Event Recap – Community-Wide Collaboration Between the Health Care & Social Sectors

We live in a country where an individual’s zip code is a better predictor of life expectancy than their genetic code. Increasingly, health care organizations and policymakers have understood this and are focusing on identifying and addressing social needs to better serve their members and constituents.


KP Ventures partnered with Rock Health on May 30 2019 to bring together a panel discussion with Bryan Sivak, Managing Director at KP Ventures, Sarita Mohanty, Vice President of KP Care Coordination for Medicaid and Vulnerable Populations, Dr. Steve Parodi, Associate Executive Director of The Permanente Medical Group, and Daniel Brillman, CEO of Unite Us, for an in-depth conversation about community-wide collaboration between the health care and social sectors.


One way that Kaiser Permanente (KP) aims to address social determinants of health is by partnering with Unite Us to launch ‘Thrive Local’, a comprehensive, far-reaching social health network with digital connectivity between community-based organizations and the clinical ecosystem. Kaiser Permanente (KP) believes that total health can only be delivered through a model that integrates communities, clinicians, and patients.


To read more about the Unite Us partnership with Kaiser Permanente on Thrive Local, please read here.