Partnering with Kaiser Permanente and our external partners to meaningfully advance healthcare innovation

Founded over 20 years ago, Kaiser Permanente Ventures has developed into a national leader in strategic venture investing in healthcare.  In partnership with Kaiser Permanente and our limited partners, the KPV team has invested in and helped support over 65 companies, representing some of the most important innovations in healthcare delivery over this time period.   We’ve achieved these successes through deep engagement within KP and across our investment partners, leveraging the tremendous insights that come from those leading our healthcare systems and care delivery to identify the most pressing needs within healthcare and select the innovations that most effectively address those opportunities.

Together with our partners, KP and KPV represents

  • 23,656+ clinicians and over 220,961 healthcare employees
  • 39 acute care hospitals and over 737 other healthcare related facilities
  • Approximately $93 billion in annual operating revenue
  • Largest U.S. single comprehensive electronic medical record system
  • Leading evidence-based care delivery mode

Our fund targets

  • Health Information Technology (Enterprise Solutions)
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics and Precision Medicine