A conversation with Dr. Rahul Rastogi, VP Innovation and Transformation Northwest Permanente, and Amy Raimundo, Senior Director Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

Virtual care and telehealth have the potential to transform patient care by improving outcomes and lowering costs. Kaiser Permanente is on a journey to eventually perform more virtual visits than in-person office visits for its over 11 million members across eight states and the District of Columbia. The KP Northwest region has been an early adopter of virtual care and helped influence telehealth use in many other Kaiser Permanente regions.

Dr. Rahul Rastogi, the VP of Innovation and Transformation for Northwest Permanente, discussed Kaiser Permanente’s current and future virtual care priorities and needs, examples of successful virtual care and telehealth partnerships, and how to collaborate with Kaiser Permanenteā€”getting, implementing, and maintaining virtual care and telehealth partnerships.